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Pure Paws - Chalk - White Suns


Pure Paws - Chalk - White Suns

R 420.00

Enhances the colour and natural beauty of the coat. Use mainly to mask blemishes in colour and to give an even appearance.  Washes out easily.

Very intense pigment - best put on with a chalk brush. Can be sealed into place with a spray of the Colour Sealer Hairspray and it won't come off on your hands. Washes out easily.

Can be used to create a colour conditioner by mixing a pinch or two of the chalk with a little bit of Silk Cream Conditioner, smooth into the coat where it's needed, let it dry then follow with the Colour Sealer Hairspray.  Will stay in the coat til you wash it out!

NOT suitable for cats

236ml (8oz)

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