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Pure Paws - Texture Line - Thickening Spray


Pure Paws - Texture Line - Thickening Spray

R 585.00

Texture Minerals Texturizing & Thickening Spray is  Formulated to emphasize the natural propensity of the coat.  This is a versatile design tool that provides texture, natural shine and density to the coat.


Harsh Coated Breeds:

Emphasize the Hard, Wiry Outer Coat  by adding Density & Crispness to a Show Coat.


Double Coated Breeds:

Add density and coarseness to emphasize the coarser topcoat and bring volume to the softer undercoat.


Ultimate Grooming Design Tool:

Texture:  Builds a hard dense wire coat

Volume:  Coats the hair shaft to build a denser coat

Shine:  Polished shine & control



For Best Results:

  • Apply to a damp or dry coat
  • Brush out & dry is using on a damp coat
  • Apply a second coat if needed

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