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Pure Paws - Terrier Touch Line - Shampoo


Pure Paws - Terrier Touch Line - Shampoo

R 420.00
Terrier Touch Shampoo The formula in this shampoo has been designed to accomplish the necessities of our terrier coats: 3 in 1 Protects - Cleans - Volumises Protect: We demand a lot from our terrier coats by using chalks, sprays and everyday environmental issues like debris build up and constant weather changes. This shampoo helps protect the hair reducing coat loss. Protects your dog's coat by keeping the hair shafts hydrated and the skin in optimal condition for healthy coat growth. Clean: The Terrier Touch Shampoo gently deep cleans the coat without stripping. Unlike other shampoos on the market the Terrier Touch Shampoo has been specifically designed to help maintain the coat clean without damaging either the skin or the coat. You can maintain a healthy, beautiful coat everyday by keeping environmental build up off the coat and not drying out the furnishing or the skin. Volume: Part of the goal in grooming is to have our furnishings look full and beautiful. With the Terrier Touch Shampoo you can accomplish this by creating a natural, voluminous base to your coats. The proteins in this shampoo will help create this base without building up and damaging the hair shafts. What a fabulous way to create the look you need!

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